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Why do people hire web designers when there are DIY website builders out there?

Mar 28, 2021

People hire website designers when there are DIY website builders to create professional and effective websites. Startup companies and solopreneurs often lack the funds and the time to hire a web designer and turn to DIY website builders. The myth that all website designers charge over $5,000 to $10,000 is simply untrue. You can hire a professional website designer and get a beautiful custom website if you want to put the work into it. It is a labor of love but not complex and painstaking.

What is a DIY website builder?

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A do-it-yourself website is just that- a website you create using available tools such as Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. These services are suitable for first-time bloggers and individuals looking for a user-friendly and simple website to showcase their business.

DIY websites are not meant for the long haul. There are usually small monthly fees for the website, and with that comes limitations in the design and sometimes functionality. Many startups select this avenue because they were told it is fast and cheap to build. That is true; however, with that comes frustration if web development is not in your bag of skills.

Many DIY have limitations in the design and function, and as your business grows, you may need a more robust website to attract new business. At that point, you will need to hire a professional website designer. The initial expenses associated with the DIY site could have been avoided if you hired a professional website designer at the start.

Why do people hire a professional website designer?

Investing in your company is more than office space and computer systems. A professionally built website is an investment in your sales and marketing efforts. The website is a salesperson all of its own. You would not hire an unskilled or inexperienced salesperson to represent your business. Why settle for a DIY website that may lack the tools to attract new business, engage your customers, and be a 24/7 salesperson out there on the internet!

How does a website designer work?

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A website designer creates the shape of your website. The designer will collaborate with you to incorporate or design your logo, choose colors, discuss layout options, and review templates or mockups of the proposed website. A designer is conversant about website functionality, such as the call to action and the role layout plays to best deliver your message and content.

The website designer has only one purpose: to create a unique and specialized website representing your business and speaks to your customers. The DIY, while less expensive, provides little individuality and specialization. Take a look at a website in your industry. You may be able to see the difference between a custom website and a DIY website in terms of features and functionality.

We relate the thought to a new golfer. A new golfer is excited to play the sport and watches a few YouTube videos on putting and chipping. After a few weekends, their game has not improved, and frustration has set it. A friend suggests a few lessons with the golf pro, and before you know it, they are holding their own in the next member-guest event. Professional guidance and help build upon the novice golfer’s strengths just as a professional website designer uncovers the best way to highlight you and your business.

Can a website designer improve and boost my current DIY website?

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Few professional website designers will edit or redesign an existing website, especially one built in a limited WIX, Squarespace, of GoDaddy template. We will meet with a client looking to edit a current site and discuss why they want to make the changes. The most important question is the marketing goals and strategies they have in mind to achieve using these suggested edits.

Minor changes to the content and possibly adding pages and call-to-actions can be made. However, 98% of the time, the business owner has outgrown their DIY website and does not possess the skills or time to create the website they need to grow their business.

Increase your web presence with a custom, professional website design.

At Put Another Way, we talk first and review your current website before moving in the direction of a new website. Robust website design and relevant solid content are needed to support your business strategy and marketing goals. Schedule a free website design consultation to meet with us and discover more.

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