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Karen Lombardo

Clear and compelling messaging makes the difference when communicating who you are and what you offer. Words on paper, on a website, or on the vows you speak on your wedding day represent your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your message comes alive and delivers with intent.

It is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal. I hope you enjoy the blog posts and learn more about the written word and how it can best speak for you and your business.


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Why content matters.

Jan 23, 2020

The simple importance of good content.

As content writers we are acutely aware of the significance of relevant and quality content writing. We work with clients on a daily basis creating content, managing the content by the use of content calendars, and executing a content strategy. Still, there is uncertainty and often debate regarding content and the value it provides for your website, social media accounts, and ultimately your brand.

Three reasons why writing content is so important to your marketing strategy.

  1. Google loves fresh content which drives traffic to your website.
  2. Content can educate your clients and prospects. Relevant content enables your audience to make smarter purchasing decisions.
  3. Consistent and relevant content increases your visibility on the web and social media.

It’s never just a story or post.

Content is a reflection on you and your business. Content on your website and more importantly with blogging, provides you with an opportunity to flex your muscles. It is truly a chance not to sell so much, as it is a chance to be a resource and authority.

Writing can be a challenge for some.

So why suffer? Poor content can have an adverse consequence on your website and SEO as well. So often, clients share with us the efforts they made on content. They are rarely bad, but it could be better. Just like we don’t build houses, or install hot water heaters, you don’t have to write. We can do that for you.

Content writing is a process. We take great pleasure in spending that pre-composition time speaking with a client and hearing in their voice, their story. It is then our job to capture that voice and express it through website or blogging content. That is why we get up every day and go to work!

We are here to help with content writing.

In the coming weeks, we will speak more on content and the value original and curated content can bring to your online presence. In the interim, if you need help or just have some ideas you want to run by us, contact us. We offer 30-minute free consultations to review your website and content.

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