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When is the best time to publish a blog post?

Sep 14, 2022

Why don’t comedians say the punchline before telling the joke? Because timing is key.

So, when is the best time to publish a blog post? Timing is everything when it comes to sharing content– including blogs. Blogs are a phenomenal way to flex your muscles, answer commonly asked questions, and delight your customer base with useful information. However, while blogging is simple and free, it must be executed properly to be effective (just like a good punchline)! So then, when is the best time to publish your blog?

Best day and time to post a blog.

People often have routines. Insight into these routines helps writers and business owners identify the best time to post a blog. Some studies claim Monday morning (11 am) is the best time because many people tend to read. You’re probably thinking, OK, that’s easy! I’ll just post every Monday at 11 am. Who am I kidding? You probably know already that nothing is that easy.

The problem is that every blog is different. The readers and the topics are different, and the same things won’t work for everyone. It’s wise to check your blog analytics, post on many different days and times throughout the week, and see which works best for you. You can use that information to your advantage if engagement increases at a particular time. It may take a couple of weeks of trial and error, but your blog will reach more eyes because of your extra efforts.

How often should I publish a blog post?

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A natural looking Label with the Saying Its Always a Good Time to Begin

Great, you have found your best time to post a blog – now, how often should you publish? While you can say bloggers have the most success posting 2-4 times a week, it may not be wise for you to follow that regimen. Here’s why.

Growing your blog can be like nurturing a plant. Some plants require water daily; others can do just fine with water very rarely (I’m looking at you, succulents). Some plants need lots of sunshine, and some do not (you get the point). Blogs about current events and rapidly developing technology will probably involve more posts per week than their peer blogs about cooking and traveling. The most important thing is not to be repetitive and try not to inundate your readers with content. It’s always good to start with less and work your way up to more. If you ramp up your blog posting and engagement decreases, you can always wean it back a bit. Again, trial and error – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Can I post my blog on my social platforms?

YES! Social media and your blog go hand-in-hand. They are vital digital marketing efforts to grow your business to the next level. Using WordPress, you can connect your social accounts and automatically share content to your other pages! It is also good practice to put your website or blog link in the bio of your social media page (and your social media handles on your website). If someone finds you on one platform, you want it to be like a gateway to discovering all your other channels. If you don’t use WordPress or don’t want every blog post to go on social media, you can hand-pick them and share the links as you see fit. Social media platforms often have a word limit; sharing your blogs as links and using your captivating title as the caption is an excellent way to get around that word limit.

It’s your blog. Hone it and own it.

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Woman Stretching Hands After Finishing Work, Sitting On Workplace In Office

This may upset some people – but there is no universal recipe for the best time to post a blog or for how often you should post on your blog. While some practices work better, you should take them with a grain of salt. Using blog timing and frequency trends can help get you started, but you will need to tweak your blog recipe as needed. Blogging can take up a lot of time. You may not immediately see the results you want from your blog, but if you keep going, it will grow. The good news is that no one knows your readers better than you. Track your traffic while trying new post times, keep putting out content you know your audience will enjoy and don’t overwater a plant that doesn’t need it. Happy Blogging!

We just so happen to love blogging!

If you need help or a second set of eyes on that first blog post, give us a shout-out. We would love to see your skills soar! Free consultation appointments are available. We can help you find the inner blogging soul in your writing and get closer to your customers. PS  Miss Tillie is here for emotional support!

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