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What’s the best way to pick a color theme for a website?

Aug 28, 2020

Creating a website can be a daunting task, and choosing a color theme for your website adds to the intimidation factor. Big companies spend a significant amount of time and money, designing their logo and selecting a color palette. Small businesses and do-it-yourselfers rarely have that opportunity. So, what is the best way to pick a color theme for your website?

It all begins with your logo.

Companies sprint through the logo creation process. A logo is a foundation for your brand, including your website. The color theme in your logo will drive all branded materials, give-a-way items, and ultimately reflect on your website. Professional designers are vital when it comes to logos, creating the image, and selecting the color theme. Designers create with three factors in mind:

  • Choosing a lead color. The dominant color visible to your customers and website visitors should reflect you, your business, and your brand. Take some time to think about what you like or dislike. Look at competitor logos/websites. Think of your products and services. Is there a color that speaks to you and best reflects those products and services?
  • Accenting the lead color with a secondary color. We just created a logo for a client who was passionate about one single color. No problem, but when we began the website design and marketing materials, an accent color was needed. Accent colors can take on a variation of the lead color, or function as a contrasting color to highlight a call to action, button, or header.
  • Closing the loop with a background or filler color. Surprisingly, this may take a little more thought. What begins as an afterthought could significantly impact the click-ability of the user. Stark against white can highlight an action you want the visitor to take. White on a little darker background can affect the mood and purpose of the page. Defining the purpose, culture, and products is helpful when selecting a background color.
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Business branding

What should I consider when choosing a color?

Consider your customer experience. What color or colors are welcoming and appealing? Match the colors to the feelings you would like to arouse in your customer experience.

Do not rush this process. Spending the time to these colors will hedge your bet against changing them one year later because they do not adequately reflect the business. As the adage goes, measure twice, cut once.

Don’t chase ‘trendy.’ Respect the demographics.

Pantone is the standard for color used by marketing professionals. The 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue. If you like classic blue and it reflects you and your business, fabulous! Selecting classic blue if it does not reflect your business would be a mistake. Chasing a trend will inevitably end as all fads do.

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Open Pantone sample colors catalog

Demographics is a different animal. If your business caters to women and is speaking to women, having a feminine appeal is noteworthy. Do some research or work with a reputable designer to learn about demographics and favored color schemes. Healthy and sustainable products and services tend to go with a gray, green, or soothing palette, not a bold red, orange, or black. Once again, take your time.

Please keep it simple because it is simple.

Color stimulates emotion. Emotion encourages purchase and action. Simple color combinations are memorable. Apple’s colors are minimal silver, black and white, yet exquisitely identifiable. Nike’s swoosh is a simple black swoosh.

Our website design team will help you uncover your’ company why’ and design a website and logo to reflect you, your business, your culture, and, most importantly, speak to your customers.


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