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What should you look for when hiring a website designer?

Oct 14, 2020

You have painstakingly selected your domain name, and you are looking to create a website to reflect you and your business brand best. What should you look for when hiring a website designer?

What is a website designer?

A website designer creates the shape of your website. The designer will collaborate with you to incorporate or design your logo, choose colors, discuss layout options, and review templates or mockups of the proposed website.

Web design requires more than just a pretty face. A designer should be conversant about website functionality, such as the call to action, and the role layout plays in using the content.

What is a website developer?

The website developer is the mastermind and creator of the site. He keeps the designer informed of any issues or problems the design may present. A good developer sees beyond the code and feels what the visitor will experience based on the designer’s direction.

Website designers can customize themes and templates, create websites from scratch, and offer opinions on the best platform to be used based on the business and marketing strategy. The website developer ‘has your back.’

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7 questions to ask when choosing a website designer

How much experience do you have? There isn’t a wrong answer to this question in the sense of time. Years of experience do not make a good website designer. Designing makes the experience.

How flexible are you as a designer? Does the designer focus on specific products or services? Do they prefer to create content or use your content? Flexibility is vital because designing a website can be like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will find, edit, or improve until you open it!

How long will it take to design and create my new website? In our experiences, the website can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months. The design, focus, function, and content dictate the timing. A single-page site will be ready for release weeks before a 20-page eCommerce website. Be sure to ask about revisions and edits and future updates and enhancements. Some website designers include services such as these if they host the website.

Do you include SEO integration? Many designers provide SEO services or contract with a firm that knows them and their design process.

How much will my website design cost? Determining and comparing costs can be challenging as most website designers do not publish their pricing plans. Website design cost involves several factors: (no scope creep or hidden fees)

  • The size of the website
  • The type of design
  • The website function plays a role; for example, is it a blog or an eCommerce website.

Do you have samples and references? Always ask to look at their work. References are valuable, but seeing their website design speaks louder than any reference. Google reviews are also helpful because the business owner can thank people for good reviews and address issues with bad reviews.

What does your gut say? The old gut-check should not be dismissed. After doing all the homework and research, it is decision time, and by now, you know what your decision is. Listen to your inner self and hire the website designer that meets (and exceeds) the skills, ability, and personality to design your website and introduce you to the online world.

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Why go through the process of questioning a website designer?

For many small businesses, the website design process from selecting a domain name to creating and releasing a website can be costly. Many factors come into play when choosing a website designer, so take your time and research. The seven questions listed here are not comprehensive, but it is an excellent place to start!

Would you like to ask us some questions?

Since we gave you the list of questions, why not reach out and ask away! Schedule a time for a free consultation and ask your questions. We always have a cup of coffee and a pad and pencil ready and waiting.

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