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Karen Lombardo

Clear and compelling messaging makes the difference when communicating who you are and what you offer. Words on paper, on a website, or on the vows you speak on your wedding day represent your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your message comes alive and delivers with intent.

It is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal. I hope you enjoy the blog posts and learn more about the written word and how it can best speak for you and your business.


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benefits of guest blogging
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What is guest blogging?

Apr 16, 2020

Guest blogging is exacting what you think it is. Someone writes a blog post/content on a third-party website with the intent to promote their own product or service. It occurs quite frequently with collaborative companies that do not directly compete.

Guest blogging as a co-marketing strategy.

Before you invite a blogger to write content for your website, take the time to create a process and set goals to determine the benefits of using a guest blogger. Discuss how the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Here are some examples.

  • A photographer specializing in weddings invites a wedding cake designer who creates one of a kind wedding cakes.
  • You are a marketing agency frequently asked about SEO and your company does not provide that service. Ask an SEO specialist to generate a blog post on Search Engine Optimization 101. See how it goes and perhaps establish a blog series on the topic.
  • A dog groomer’s website highlights a tick and flea bath service. She may want to partner with a pest control service that provides tick fogging services to homeowners. The guest blog post can show the intertwining of the two business’ services.

In the above mentioned cases, both the host website and the guest gain value and exposure crafting a mutually beneficial relationship.

Quick tips on guest blogging.

Still not a believer in using a guest blogger? Here are ideas, tips, and tidbits for you to think about.

  1. Do not make it a sales pitch. Your guest  is there to flex their service/product knowledge in an instructional or resourceful manner. No sales pitches allowed.
  2. Relevant blog content establishes the writer as an authority. Work together as host and guest to get the most out of each blog post.
  3. Tell your followers about your guest blogger. Get a bio on them and be sure to post it in the blog, either up front or at the end and add a call to action. This will help them establish their authority.
  4. Measure and embrace the analytics- they do not lie. Sometimes you need to tweak your content strategy and offer the feedback to your guest blogger. In the end, you will both enjoy success.

Ask and offer.

Businesses are often hesitant to use a guest blogger. If you do not compete, asking someone to blog on your site widens your knowledge base. Offering useful resources will endear your clients to you and your business. Invite someone you know and trust. Soliciting guests to write on your website blindly can be tricky.

When you are the guest blogger, be respectful of the host company and heed their suggestions and recommended content outline. Ask them to review and edit your post to be sure you are providing the content they are looking for.

Guest blogging is collaborative.

The coronavirus and social distancing have altered the way we do business. Individuals are at home, remote, furloughed, or on a reduced schedule. People have more time and experts are saying online research and reading time is on the rise. The days of skimming and perusing the opening paragraph of a blog have expanded into blog engagement and commenting. Find a good guest blogger and give it a shot.

Considering being a guest blogger here on Put Another Way? Wonderful, reach out and lob a few blog topics my way at findyourvoice@putanotherway.com.

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