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What is a Ring Warming Ceremony?

Oct 6, 2022

I was unaware of this beautiful ring warming tradition as part of a wedding ceremony until I wrote wedding vows for a lovely and romantic groom. He explained how it worked; I just had to share it here.

What is a Ring Warming Ceremony?

A ring warming ceremony is a tradition originating in Ireland whereby the couple’s wedding rings are passed around to their guests.  As guests hold the rings, they are tasked to ‘warm them’ with good thoughts, well wishes, or prayers.

It is believed that the positive energy and thoughts of those who love and support the bride and groom will transcend the rings from jewelry to a forever bond with their family and friends.

How do I Incorporate the Ring Warming into my Ceremony?

There is no set rule and today’s couples have modified and customized the wedding ceremony to be uniquely their own. The officiant will explain to the guests the tradition of ring warming and can act as a monitor to ensure the process moves along so as not to delay the ceremony.  The best man and maid of honor can assist with keeping the rings moving through the guests.

The ring warming can be done in a few ways:

  • Before the ceremony. Place the rings on a pillow or display at your venue, allowing each person to participate in warming up the rings for a few short moments before taking their seats.
  • During the ceremony. The rings can be laced or tied onto a pillow and passed through the attendees before the bride and groom exchange vows.
  • Before the special day. A lovely option is to take the rings to a friend or significant family member who cannot or is not able to attend the wedding so they can participate in the ring warming.

Tips for Passing the Rings During the Ceremony

I came across a great article from an author in New Zealand on Phillipa Cook Celebrant. She shares these tips:

Avoid lost, dropped, or rolling rings

  • Place them in a small organza bag or a box (one box for both works best.)
  • Tie the rings together with a piece of ribbon
  • Place them on a pillow –a ring bearer’s pillow works great for passing the rings

Place a small tag on/with the rings explaining what guests should do (you would be surprised how many people forget between when they receive instructions and when the rings are passed to them.)  Something like this will help:

  • Share Your Love and Pass It On
  • Please silently bless/wish us luck and pass our rings on to the next guest. Signed (Bride) and Groom)
  • Please warm our rings with the love in your heart.

We must note that this process can be longer if your guest list is significant.  If you have many guests, you can limit the ring warming to the first few rows, which usually encompass close family and friends.  Don’t forget the bridal party and the officiant too!

Are you thinking about adding a ring warming ceremony to your wedding day?

If you’re thinking of a unique way to make your guests feel included in your wedding, consider incorporating a ring warming ceremony into your special day. Adding this affectionate and warm ritual to your day doesn’t cost any more.

PS We’d love to write the ceremony and ring warming script. Schedule a time to chat with us. We have been known to write a love letter or two for the couple, wink.

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Resources: Brides.com, Phillipa Cook Celebrant

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