Maid Of Honor Speeches

Be memorable and make it personal.

The bride is your best friend or sister, and she is marrying the love of her life. Tell them how you feel and wish them a lifetime of joy.


More is not better

Sometimes it is just more. Our one-on-one time will create the toast or speech from the heart—a short and sincere wish for happiness all the days of their lives.

Traditional or unique

It is a matter of choice and what you are comfortable with. Balancing emotion and humor will create the Maid of Honor speech or toast that they will remember forever.

Speech or a toast?

There is a difference, and either option is appropriate. Together, we can consult with the couple and deliver precisely what they hoped for on their wedding day.

Avoid procrastination

Are you running out of time? No worries, I can help. Schedule a free consultation.

What’s Included in the Maid of Honor Speech Writing Service?

  • Up to one-hour consultation (Phone or Zoom) to discuss your relationship with the groom and get a feel for the speech’s tone that best suits your personality.
  • The Maid of Honor Speech is delivered in a Word document for review and includes three (3) rounds of revisions.
  • Rehearsal and practice sessions are provided and suggested. We welcome the opportunity to be your first audience.
  • Wedding vows are written with up to 700 words and estimated at 4-6 minutes of speaking time for each party
  • I write custom Maid of Honor Speeches balancing humor, a little tongue in cheek anecdotes, and heartfelt feelings for the couple. No two speeches are ever the same. Due to confidentiality restrictions, I cannot share previous speeches.
  • Pricing is quoted in advance.
Should I hire

a Maid of Honor speechwriter?

Are you nervous about speaking in front of family and friends? Please don’t worry. I will help you create and deliver a speech or toast that embodies your thoughts and feelings. Brides: How about a gift certificate for the Maid of Honor. You will be her hero!