You’re in love, and it is so romantic.

Enjoy your special day and leave the details and writing to me. Together, we will create your ceremony to perfectly reflect your devotion for one another.

Wedding Vows

Are you overwhelmed with what to say? I meet with each couple together and individually to create tailored and unique wedding vows.

Best Man Speeches

We deliver a speech balanced with sentiment, love, and a sprinkling of humor.

Maid of Honor Toast

Your toast or speech will reflect your feelings for the couple and is created in your voice and emotional tone.

Ceremony Scripts

Some officiants are not specialized in organizing and designing the ceremony. Let us be your guide and create the perfect ceremony script for your chosen officiant.
Stressed over writing about love and emotions?

I know you feel it. I help you express it.

We can edit your wedding vows
I didn’t know parents speak at the wedding!
Love letters are a true expression of love
So, you have written your wedding vows, and you need a second set of eyes? Send them to me, and together we can talk through them and deliver perfect and meaningful vows.
Weddings are emotional and can be overwhelming for parents. Capturing your feelings, tidbits of advice, and well wishes can be intimidating. Let’s do this together.
Looking for a romantic way to tell your loved one how you feel? You know what you feel; let us help you articulate it!

Love is in the air.