Website Audit and Review

How effective and functional is your website?

What is a website audit?

Are you feeling like it’s time to redesign your website, but you’re unsure if it’s worth the expense vs. starting from scratch?

Have you been told your website has 404 errors, broken links, typos, or poor design?

You are not alone. Websites need to be regularly updated and content refreshed, yet does that mean starting from scratch?

Your website represents and sells your business 24 hours a day. Therefore, it needs to be on its best behavior and welcome visitors and customers. Nothing is more frustrating than errors or poorly constructed pages.

  • Does your website function properly?
  • Is the messaging clear?
  • Are there enough call-to-action links to help the user engage in making a purchase or scheduling an appointment?
  • Do you have broken links, outdated content, or missing functionality?

A website audit can uncover errors and poor design that may frustrate your visitors. Our audit is simple and easy, and when delivered, you will have a clear idea of what your website needs to be more functional. We can also tell you when to say goodbye and start with a new design.

Get advice before making any decisions

If you are interested in an audit to discover your website’s strengths and weaknesses, contact us for a free consultation.  Our website audits are quoted based on the size of the website. We want to help you be successful. Reach out. What do you have to lose?