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It is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal. I hope you enjoy the blog posts and learn more about the written word and how it can best speak for you and your business.


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Top 3 most common blog writing distractions

Feb 7, 2021

Sitting in front of your computer or tablet faced with the task of writing a blog post can be challenging. You may be sitting in awkward silence or trying to focus on an office or house full of blog writing distractions. The opportunities to be side-tracked can be significant. Distractions are part of everyday life, and as writers, we need to identify them, honor them, and dismiss them from our thoughts.

What are the Top 3 most common blog writing distractions?

common blog writing distractions

My blogging clients span industries from lawyers to foodservice. When I first sat down with them to talk about blogging for them, I asked them why they wanted me to write for them. The single most common reason was lack of time and too many distractions.

I asked a few more questions and soon discovered these were the 3 most common blog writing distractions:

Lack or absence of a focus or plan

My clients were under the impression they needed to map out six months’ worth of blog topics. It would be best to have a plan, but you do not need a plan for an extended period. When I provide blogging writing services for a client, we start by breaking the blogging calendar into one-month intervals. Your ‘plan’ is, by definition, your plan. So, make it what it needs to be to work best for you. We have tremendous resources available to start you on your blogging journey, and then you are off to the races.

Technology overload

common blog writing distractions

Technology surrounds us with 24/7 access to news, entertainment, and…distraction!.  When sitting at our desks and preparing to work, you need to be in that moment, especially when writing. Technology can be a writing distraction. Your phone dings when you get a text; it rings when someone is at the front door and vibrates to tell you it is time to stand.

Please close down all the other applications on your laptop. Silence your phone, tablet, and watch. Get comfortable and revel in the lack of stimulation and distraction. The words will soon begin to flow.

Fear mixed with a little self-doubt

Then there is fear. Fear is a common blog writing distraction. Why are we afraid to write, share our thoughts, and engage with like-minded people? When you talk about what you do or what you are passionate about, you exude confidence, are open to questions, and engage with people. The same happens when you write, and you simply have to welcome it and feel it. Do not let the fear inside your head. 

How to deal with blog writing distractions

common blog writing distractions

The first step is to admit you are easily distracted and deep down looking for a reason not to write the blog. Salespeople are trained on overcoming objections when they are trying to get an appointment or close the deal. The barrier stopping you from closing your deal to write a blog is most likely you. Perhaps these three tips to overcome common blog writing distractions might help:

  • Find a comfortable place to blog. Some people like a coffee shop; others prefer a quiet corner of their home or office.
  • Be prepared with everything you need to write your blog. Notes, paper, coffee, even a glass of wine can help, preferably not at 9am!)
  • Make it known you need some quiet time because you are blogging. Your coworkers or family members will understand. Getting their support will fuel that fire, and the words will begin to flow!

Scheduling is your friend (and no, you cannot multitask)

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Schedule blog writing time and only blog writing time. Novice bloggers cannot and should not multitask. Period. You cannot write your blog posts while cooking dinner unless cooking is your blogging genre.

How do bloggers find enough content to post regularly?

People ask me all the time; How do bloggers find content for their blog? Inspiration can come from anywhere. Blogging topics might include entertainment, cooking, family and marriage, motivational issues, or your professional field. Select a few of these topics that exist in your wheelhouse and master them before adding more to the mix.

A common question regarding content is what is a good length for a blog post?  The consensus among content writers and bloggers is that a blog post should contain a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of about 1000 words. Not everyone can write 1000+ words on a topic and still keep the reader engaged.  Sometimes finding inspiration for content can be difficult. In today’s high speed, quick read environment, sometimes less may be better.

Keep a content calendar so you can map out your topics ahead of time. Contact me, and I can send you the calendar we use here at Put Another Way.

What should a new blogger focus on?

Pensive man using a laptop looking outdoors through a window in a coffee shop or home.

Focus your blogs on what you enjoy. Blogging about something you are passionate about will allow you to post regularly and begin to gather a following. Listen to what family and friends say when you are with them. They may come right out and say, “You should write a blog on how to restore old furniture. You are so good at it!”

You are ready to write your blog posts without distraction

We have covered the top 3 most common blog writing distractions, and you are ready to begin. If you need further assistance or just a quick sounding board, schedule a free consultation, and let’s get those creative thoughts flowing.


Author’s note: Visit WordPress.org for fantastic information and blogging resources.

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