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Clear and compelling messaging makes the difference when communicating who you are and what you offer. Words on paper, on a website, or on the vows you speak on your wedding day represent your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your message comes alive and delivers with intent.

It is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal. I hope you enjoy the blog posts and learn more about the written word and how it can best speak for you and your business.


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The importance of your homepage layout and content.

Nov 8, 2019

Think of your homepage as your front door. The welcome mat is freshly swept, and the front door is clean and inviting. The doorbell rings a sweet chime and upon entering, your guests begin to sense and receive your tone and vibe. They are beginning their investigation of you and your business.

Now apply this to your website homepage.

Is your homepage welcoming to visitors?

At this very moment, somewhere in the world, a person is performing a Google search looking for your product or service. They see your website and click on it. What happens next is vital, and frankly crucial to converting that person into a client.

Does your homepage clearly state who you are, your value proposition, and solutions to the problems users in this space are experiencing? In other words, do you know their pain points and how to address and resolve them?

The 7 key components to a homepage layout.

There is a great deal of debate regarding the layout and format of a homepage. We think you should keep it simple, clear, and easy to understand. Here are 7 thoughts on homepage layout:

  1. Use the initial load above the fold to your advantage. This could be the deciding factor for a visitor to determine if they are in the right place and if they want to continue to learn more. Make it worth it!
  2. Establish a great headline. What do you have to offer the visitor? Plain and simple- just say it.
  3. Use a relevant image. People are visual, grab their attention.
  4. Keep your message short and clear. Take a look at a few of the websites you frequently visit. Is the message obvious? L.L.Bean says, “There’s No Boot like a Bean Boot.” They change their homepage with the seasons, just as you would change your displays in a brick and mortar store.
  5. Keep the navigation uncomplicated. “Ok, I am here. Where do I go to learn more?” Offer ways to find services using a search box, or chat services.
  6. Call to action. Offer up questions, pain points with solutions, or even a simple plug for a service. A call to action used this way will drive activity deeper into your website. (Maybe starting a sale?)
  7. Last but not least is content. Tell a story, define a product, and begin a connection with a prospect or a new client.

Keep it fresh.

Engaging content is just that…engaging. Whether you are blogging, adding a video, or linking to podcasts, new content is a simple way to keep your clients and prospects interested in your business.

  • Share important news. Maybe introduce a new hire, chat about a move to a new space, or a mention in your local newspaper.
  • Add a page for a new product or service.
  • Don’t forget your keywords when you add content!

Are you thinking this is too much to handle?

The design of a good, healthy homepage engages visitors and acts as your online salesperson. We don’t think it’s a lot to handle. Contact us because we want to hear about you and your business and create the perfect homepage for you.

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