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Should you redesign your website or start from scratch?

Apr 9, 2021

Are you feeling like it’s time to redesign your website, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the expense vs. starting from scratch? You are not alone. Websites need to be regularly updated and content refreshed, yet does that mean starting from scratch?

Why redesign a website

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Investing in your business, including sales and marketing, is something all business owners agree on. Your website is a written and visual version of a salesperson. It is speaking on your behalf to a visitor/prospect at 10pm, or 2am. Analyze your website and uncover any issues or problems that would warrant a redesign.

  • Add functionality. Our developers have done a significant amount of redesign work on websites with functionality issues such as broken links, improperly coded forms, and navigation issues. Shoppers abandoning their carts or increases in your bounce rate should be investigated and perhaps solicit the assistance of an SEO expert.
  • Changes to your business. If your company has changed, you need to update your website and online presence. Simple changes such as adding a product page, paying a bill online, or adding a blog page are very cost-effective when you redesign the current website. Challenges may occur when the existing template or design does not offer the enhancements you would like to use.

Our team performs a significant amount of redesign work when other website designers only offer new designs. Small businesses need a strong website yet may be financially unable to start from scratch. We ensure the client understands that limitations exist, and we offer every option to deliver a fully functional website reflective of their company and brand.

When to build a new website from scratch

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Sometimes it is better to start over. Patching up a current website can be more costly than starting from scratch. We have a client who paid a significant amount of money for a new website. It is stunning, but the navigation and functionality are limited. We have worked on their website and are at the point of starting from scratch. The problem is that few if any, business owners know what to ask a website designer about functionality. We all think about how it looks, which is essential, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t work.

Other reasons for starting from scratch include:

  • You have outgrown your ‘starter website.’ What an excellent problem to have, yet nonetheless, it is a challenge. Your humble beginnings with a single-page website have grown into a business that needs more functionality, resources, and enhanced customer experience. This is the perfect scenario for building a new website from scratch!
  • The website is not responsive. Mobile web browsing accounts for a significant percentage of visitors to your website. The proportions may vary, but the results do not: if your website is not mobile-friendly, visitors will not return. Mobile functionality is critical, and the user experience should be seamless and easy.
  • You have a new look and feel. Your business is on fire. You have added new products and services, and as a result, you have changed your brand, logo, and messaging. A new website in conjunction with a strong marketing plan will do wonders for your bottom line!

How often should you redesign your website?

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There is no set rule for when you should redesign or release a new website. Websites needed to be regularly updated to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

However, a standard suggests consistent, relevant, and regular content additions should occur several times per month. The typical measuring stick is two to three years. That makes blogging is your new best friend. Blogging can help promote a business, from increasing traffic to the website to engaging and converting new customers.

Does your website support your marketing goals? Small changes can be made to a website to endorse new marketing goals. Limitations can occur when using a budget-friendly template from some hosting companies. Those templates are often designed to ‘get you on the web’ but not necessarily to support long-term growth.

Take the time to think about your growth and brand objectives before redesigning, revamping, or building a new website.

Get advice before making any decisions

If you have a website and are interested in an audit to discover its strengths and weaknesses, contact us for a free consultation.  Our website audits start at $155.00 for most websites. Large sites are quoted in advance. We want to help you be successful. Reach out. What do you have to lose?

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