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Karen Lombardo

Clear and compelling messaging makes the difference when communicating who you are and what you offer. Words on paper, on a website, or on the vows you speak on your wedding day represent your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your message comes alive and delivers with intent.

It is more than just words on paper and images on the internet. It is personal. I hope you enjoy the blog posts and learn more about the written word and how it can best speak for you and your business.


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Should you be blogging during the pandemic?

Apr 10, 2020

We blog for a number of companies and all of them have asked that very question. The line is thin between self-serving and selling and staying in communication with your clients. Our clients are concerned about blogging when the coronavirus has dramatically changed the way we are doing business and interacting with each other.

Be a farmer, not a hunter.

Years ago, I managed a dynamic sales team. Sales mentality can be divided into farmers, hunters, and a combination of the two. Farmers are critical to keeping clients, forming strong relationships, and engaging with each client. Hunters are the foragers of the sales world. They find opportunities, identify the needs, and close new business. The combination of these two sales skills is unbeatable. A true professional of any industry, not just sales, knows when to wear the appropriate hat.

The hat to wear in today’s environment is the farmer. The coronavirus has forever changed our nation, our state, our town, and our businesses. When asked, I tell my clients to farm. We have more time now so spend it wisely. Get to know your clients. Understand who they are and what they need. It is good karma.

Be yourself.

Now that you have your farmer hat on, it is time to sit at the keyboard and write your blog post. Take the time to show the world who you are and what you do for a living.

  • What are you passionate about? Share it. Do you have a charity or organization that you support that is unknown? Talk about it. How has it impacted you and your business?
  • Share your intel. The tools of the trade are often kept secret within the trade. Share the productivity tools you use. I still use a Franklin Planner in addition to electronic tools. I love to physically check off the items on my to do list! It feels good.
  • Give advice. Offer up a 20-minute session to your clients to help them with an issue they are having. Do it on gratis. Both parties will benefit. I promise.
  • Involve your team. Guest bloggers are great, and you have guest bloggers right in front of you! Do you have an employee with a hidden talent? Highlight them. Your clients will engage with them at a new level.

Is blogging a good idea?

Yes. Consistent communication is key right now and if your business offers a product or service that can help others during this coronavirus pandemic, talk about it. You don’t have to sell it, just share what you have and how it might help. Business owners and consumers are looking for ways to save money, stretch their budgets, and keep their businesses and households ‘open.’  So, help them. You have valuable knowledge and experience. Put it out there.

Thank you.

I would like to thank the businesses that have supported Put Another Way along the way. I am fortunate to have you all as clients, and friends.

  • To the website and content writing clients, your websites and marketing efforts are shouting out your messages… in your voices. You are heard.
  • To the resume clients, I wish you the best. Your resumes are ready to go, and we are crossing our fingers for you to get that job!
  • To the blogging clients, thank you for letting me share your stories and talk about your businesses. It is truly my pleasure.

I long for the days when we can sit face-to-face over a steaming hot cup of Joe. Please take care,


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