Your resume is the selling of you. Get the interview!
They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

We say 1000 words to create a picture.

Your resume and LinkedIn profile produce an image in the minds of a hiring manager, human resources professional, or a prospect looking to engage with you and your company. A resume speaks on your behalf and virtually shakes hands with the reader before you have an opportunity to meet in person. A well-written and engaging resume can differ between scoring the first-round interview or getting a pass. We want you to get that interview!

A resume is the selling of you.

A resume is much more than your job history, skill summary, education, and interests. Your resume is a virtual introduction to the reader, and its purpose is to differentiate you from the other applicants. You are not there to represent yourself, so this simple piece of paper is not so simple. It is a snapshot of your professional life. The resume is a tool to engage on your behalf as it begins to present you to the reader.

We do not use questionnaires and online interactions to learn about you. We meet with you and review your current resume; if you have one, just chat and take notes to build the information we will need to create your resume. We engage with you to understand your experiences and goals and best represent you on paper.

We hate to brag, but our success rate from submission to interview is about 90%, and from interview to offer, let’s just say we do a lot of celebration dances in our office!

Your resume is shiny and new.

Does your LinkedIn profile accurately mirror your resume?

It may be time to amend your LinkedIn profile. Updating your personal or company page content conveys a message to clients and prospects that you are diligent and organized. You are aware of your online persona and have made efforts to ensure the content is current and, more importantly, engaging. 

Our LinkedIn services provide content for your LinkedIn page’s various sections, including the About section, Activity, and Experience. We also update LinkedIn profiles upon completion of a new resume. Hiring professionals often visit LinkedIn pages, and your LinkedIn profile should be aligned with your resume content. The same holds for aligning your website content with your LinkedIn company page.