Obituaries and Eulogies

I am sorry you have come to this page.

I am sorry you lost someone who you loved.

To lose a loved one is a devastating experience. Anyone who has gone through this will tell you how horrific it can be. I can attest to the pain of the loss of my husband, Chip, who suddenly passed away in July 2021.

I understand the feelings you are experiencing and will do my best to create a eulogy or obituary in your words, that highlights the beautiful life of the person you have lost. Together we can do it.

Writing is not everyone’s strong suit, and trying to write during these times can magnify the challenge some face putting their thoughts and feelings into words.

As your obituary or eulogy writer, I will work with you to learn about your lost loved one. I will help you craft a memorial to tell their life story fully. I will make sure people who read the obituary or listen to the eulogy know the world’s lost person and who they were.

It would be my honor to know your loved ones and put their life into words. Reach out with any questions or if you would like a consult.