Getting Started

This is my first time creating a website. Will you help walk me through the entire website design process?

Absolutely! We have unique processes in place for our clients that will educate and help you make informed decisions along the way. The last thing we want is for you to be overwhelmed with this project.

Do you outsource your projects or send work overseas?

No. All our work is performed by our in-house team based in Schenectady, NY, USA.

Do we own the completed website?

You always have full ownership of your website. You’re free to move your website to another website platform or third-party company in the future. Since your website is built using the WordPress platform, you can transfer it to just about any web hosting provider.

*How long does it take to finish a website?

Each website design project is unique, but we have a website launched within 4 to 6 weeks on average. This timeline can be longer or shorter, depending on how proactive you are with the process. Our content writing team works closely with you to ensure we capture your essence and your brand.

Do I need to have all my content prepared before contacting you?

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while we work together towards completing your content. We’ll even provide you with our proprietary Content Manual to outline the process and make things easier. The Content Manual gives you guidance on the type of text and images that would perform best on your website.

Do you provide copywriting or content writing services if I feel stuck writing content?

We certainly do! We know writing content is not everyone’s expertise. We take the content overwhelm off your plate so you can focus on other essential tasks in your business.

I’ve received website design quotes that are much higher or lower than your prices. Why is that?

We know websites come in all shapes and sizes, just like houses and cars. You’ll find quotes ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. Our websites are designed to be the perfect balance of design, functionality, and price for small business owners. We’ve been able to keep our prices low by streamlining our design process. We feel our finished product often exceeds the quality of agencies and website design companies charging ten times more than us.

I’m not located in your area. Can you still make my business’ website?

Absolutely! We’re great at communicating via Zoom, phone, and email, and our clients come from all over the country.

I have an idea for a website, but it’s not exactly a small business yet. Can I still contact you about my project?

Sure! We’ll listen to your idea and let you know if we’d be a good fit for the project. If not, we’ll even try and steer you in the right direction, free of charge.

*Can you put together a proposal for my project?

Yes, once we set up our initial call, we can discuss getting a website proposal. The proposal can include a full range of services. We even have partners that can assist you in forming your entity with the appropriate state agency. Our design team is super creative for logo creation and branding, and the content writers are spot on bloggers to get your message out there!

Can you revise my current or finish my incomplete website?

Yes, we can look at your current WordPress website to see what we can improve upon if you don’t want to start over with a new website. We work with WordPress and e-commerce platforms. Our developers are flexible and experienced in a wide range of programs and platforms. WordPress is our preferred platform because of its ease of use and simple, non-intimidating blogging and editing options.

I don’t see any website design examples on your site from my industry. Do you work with all types of businesses?

Our primary focus is working with service-oriented business-to-consumer (B2C) small businesses. We have experience with creating websites within almost every major industry. Contact us, and we’ll consult with you to see if we’d be a good fit.

Website Design & Development

Are your designs pre-made templates?

Our developers can hand code custom websites or offer industry-specific templates. We are flexible in delivering the website platform that best fits within your time frame, budget, and vision.

I keep seeing the term “responsive web design.” What does this mean?

Responsive web design is a technique used to build a website that adapts its layout to fit any device’s size. Instead of creating an additional website for mobile devices, you can lower initial costs by only needing a single website. Since responsive web design is really only a classification, each company has their own interpretation and implementation.

Do your website designs work on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)?

Yes, all our website designs are mobile-friendly since it is a significant factor for appearing in Google search results.

*How many website design revisions do you allow?

We allow for two revision rounds once all the content and layout design have been solidified. Revisions at this point are usually for usability and function, not content. We ask that you give us a comprehensive list of changes each time to make the process quick and smooth. Revisions only become an issue if it’s obvious we’re moving in circles. If this happens, we’ll work with you on ways we can get the project back on track.

Do your websites include content management system (CMS) software?

Yes. We exclusively use WordPress, the leading CMS currently in use on the Internet. We believe it provides the right balance of customization and usability for small businesses.

Payments & Guarantees

*Are there any recurring costs involved with owning a website?

Yes. Many website design companies don’t mention recurring costs before starting your project. At a minimum, you’ll need monthly web hosting and an annual domain name registration. Our website plans are a single-rate solution that can include monthly hosting and managed maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

*What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, and checks by mail. QuickBooks manages our payment processing, and we never store payment information outside of their secure system.

*Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely! We’ll keep your website running in the same condition it was as the day it launched. Bug fixes are included with each of our hosting packages.


What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) is software that allows you to update and manage your website through an easy-to-use interface. Think of it like Microsoft Word but for your website. Without this software, you’ll need to hire a web developer to make modifications to your website. We use the WordPress platform, the most popular CMS in the world, as our content management system.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) software that allows you to edit and manage your website’s text and images. It’s open-sourced, and community developed, meaning anyone is free to build their website on top of the software.

My friend used WordPress and had a bad experience. Why do you choose WordPress over another website platform?

We believe WordPress is currently the best CMS available for small businesses. Unfortunately, not all WordPress websites are created equal. There are a lot of low-quality pre-made themes available that give the platform a bad reputation. It is also imperative that updates are routinely performed. Fresh new content also keeps hackers away. Stagnant websites are targets for would-be-hackers. Our hosting clients enjoy free updates and daily backups.

Website Support & Maintenance

What happens if my site is inaccessible or displays incorrectly?

Contact us immediately. If your site is hosted with us, we can almost always resolve the issue with a single phone call or email. If you’re hosted by a third-party, it’s possible the trouble could be on their end. In these instances, we’ll let you know the source of the problem so you can contact your third-party host.

*Do you charge for technical support?

If we host your website, we do not charge for common bugs and maintenance technical support. If you host with another provider, you would need to contact them for assistance. We do offer guidance should you choose to host with another provider.

*How long does it take for someone to respond to an email?

We utilize Drift on our website. Drift emails and texts the person on call. We try our best to respond to all emails within 2 hours. If you have an emergency, we recommend calling us at 518-469-8545. If it’s outside of our regular business hours, leave a message, and we’ll be notified immediately, and we’ll return your call.

Website Hosting & Domains

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to the server which responds to requests to view your website. It’s simply another computer connected to the Internet for the sole purpose of transmitting your website to users. Whenever you visit a website, there is another computer somewhere in the world you connect to in order to view it.

Do I need web hosting?

Yes. Hosting is what makes your website accessible through the Internet. Choosing a hosting service can be intimidating. We are here to help answer any questions you have.

Do you offer website hosting services?

Yes. “Fully-managed” web hosting is available with all our website plans. Simply put, we take care of everything for you.

Do you offer email accounts with your web hosting?

Yes, we do. We are happy to discuss options for an email account with you to meet your business needs.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a memorable phrase used to access your website, often “yourbusinessname.com.” Every computer connected to the Internet has a long string of unique numbers to identify itself called an “IP address.” Without a domain name, you would need to remember the IP address in order to view a website.

Domain names are purchased using a “registrar,” which acts like a phonebook. When someone types in your domain name, your registrar will look up your domain for them and return your IP address to them behind the scenes. Their computer will then know where to find your website.

How do I purchase a domain name?

You can purchase a domain name through Go Daddy and other web domain provider companies. Always buy the domain name yourself. Never have a website or marketing firm purchase the domain name. It is yours and arguably one of the most valuable components of your online presence.

Resume & Linkedin Services

Do you write a resume for me?

Yes. It is essential that we write the resume from knowing you, your skills, and your experiences. We deliver two versions of your resume: an editable Word document and a PDF, both created by our design team for the perfect professional presentation.

Why do I need to update my LinkedIn profile if I have a resume?

Human resources professionals and hiring managers will visit your LinkedIn page to compare the professional experience to the content on your resume. We ensure they match!

What is a CV mean?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for “course of your life” and often appears as “CV.” It is meant to provide an overview of your accomplishments and career and can be quite lengthy.

Conversely, a resume is a concise picture of your education and professional experiences.

Blogging & Copyriting Services

Why should I hire a freelance copywriter like you instead of a digital marketing firm or ad agency?

Typically, agencies have higher overhead than I do, and you’ll find it reflected in their rates. Plus, most agencies don’t have in-house copywriters. Instead, they either ask their clients to provide their own copy or outsource it to a specialist like me.

What copywriting services do you provide?

I write all types of copy for clients. You can learn more about my specific copywriting services here.

How much do you charge for your copywriting services?

I quote each writing project individually because every project is different. I try to assess the complexity of a project and the level of expertise that would be required.

Will you give me a quote before the work begins?

We’ll schedule a call together where I’ll get an understanding of your copywriting project. Then I’ll give you a firm quote and a timeline before work begins.

Would You Consider Yourself to be a B2B copywriter or a B2C copywriter?

I’m definitely both! Over the many years I’ve been in business, I’ve had clients and projects that fell into both categories. When we talk, I’ll ask you questions about your business. If I’m not a fit, I’ll tell you upfront and refer you to a reputable resource for your project.

What is the typical process for having you write website copy or a blog post?

I’ll usually want to speak with you by phone. I’ll ask you a lot of questions related to your marketing objectives, your prospects, your customers, and your competition.

I’ll obtain from you as much information as possible (written or verbal) to use in preparing your copy. I’ll then produce a first draft and await your feedback, then make revisions as needed. Only when you’re 100% satisfied, do I consider the job completed.

What happens if I don’t like the first draft of the copy or blog post?

Usually, I come pretty close to hitting the nail on the head, but if that’s not the case, it’s a problem easily solved. In fact, that’s the purpose of writing the first draft. It helps me to clarify exactly what you do want. That first draft then becomes a starting point for me to get your feedback and write a second draft that’s more on target.

Does copy really matter all that much? Don’t most people just look at images?

While images influence the overall look of your website, social media channels, and blog posts, images are ineffective when they lack content. It is so crucial for SEO purposes to have copy on your website to be found in search results.

Will you be able to write about my business if you don’t have any direct experience in my field?

Yes. I’ll need to take some time to become familiar with your business, its target audience, its voice, and your industry.

I enjoy doing research and will quickly get up to speed when writing your blog post or content.

What if I live in another state or country? Can we still work together?

Absolutely. While I do have many clients based in the Albany, NY area, I also work with companies from other states and other countries.

We work by Zoom, phone, or email.

If I hire you to write copy for me, who owns that copy?

Everything I do is a custom project. You own the copyright on any copy that you’ve hired me to write for you. I’ll never give it to anyone else. And you can use it any way that you’d like.

For example, you may be able to take the content I’ve written for your website and repurpose it into a sales page, blog post, or podcast episode. I want you to get as much value out of this content as you can.


How long should a best man/ maid of honor speech be?

The average length is three to five minutes, and don’t stress; we will rehearse with you!

Do the bride and groom make speeches at the wedding reception?

It is totally up to the bride and groom. Three to five minutes is the perfect amount of time should the couple choose to do this. (Read more about it on our blog!)

Does my maid of honor have to be a woman?

Absolutely not! Your maid of honor can be a man of honor if you’d like!

Eulogies and Obituaries

What is the difference between an obituary and a eulogy?

An obituary is a written piece that goes in a newspaper or on a funeral home’s website to notify the public of your loved one’s passing.

A eulogy is given at a person’s funeral or memorial service. It is read aloud during the service to all who attend. Both will tell the story of your loved one, just in different ways.