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Can you hire an obituary writer?

Feb 22, 2023

Hiring an obituary writer is quite common. Immediate family members are thrown into the funeral process, and the thought of writing about their loved one is overwhelming and emotional.  Engaging with an obituary writer ensures that your sentiments and thoughts are professionally written and captured.

Who typically writes an obituary?

There is no hard and fast rule on who should write the obituary. The decision is typically made by the closest family members, who knew the deceased best and were capable and willing to write the obituary. If a family member or friend is uncomfortable or bereaved, the funeral director may offer to write the obituary. Many funeral homes offer to write the obituary using a standard format, which is a nice option.

Hiring an obituary writer is the best of both worlds. First, an obituary writer will work with you to learn about your lost loved one. Then, they help you craft a memorial to tell their life story fully and ensure people who read the obituary know that the world has lost your family member and who they were.

How long after someone dies do you write an obituary?

Can you hire someone to write an obituary?

Posting an obituary is time sensitive.  The obituary in a newspaper should be published within a week and three days before the funeral notification, such as the time and location. According to joincake.com, For both online and newspaper obituary posts, you should try and publish within a week after the death of your loved one. If the obituary has funeral notifications, such as the location and timing of the funeral, you should post them at least three days prior to the funeral. Any less than that, and local friends and family may not be able to make arrangements in time to get time off of work or to find a babysitter.

If you’re posting online, you can generally plan the day you want it uploaded and post it on the same day. If you want the obituary to post five days prior to the funeral, then you can submit it on that day. Some online memorial sites or funeral homes that host online obituaries will check your post to ensure accuracy, but the biggest delay you should expect when posting online is a maximum of a few hours.

When posting an obituary notice in the newspapers, however, there is a more strict timeline to keep in mind. Once you’ve determined which newspapers you want to publish your loved one’s obituary in, the next step is checking with the newspaper website or office for specific directions regarding the submission.

What is the difference between a eulogy and an obituary?

A eulogy is a speech publicly delivered at funerals. An obituary is a brief biography of the person who has died and is published online or in a newspaper. The obituary announces the details of the funeral service. Some parts of the obituary can be used in the eulogy. Obituaries are written, and eulogies are spoken.

Social media platforms are often used to share funeral arrangements via the obituary and talk about the deceased’s life by posting the eulogy. 

Can I hire an obituary writer for my obituary before I die?

Yes, and many people do! I was shocked that my mother wrote her obituary years ago. She just passed away right before Christmas, and we found the obituary in her handwriting-it was beautiful. It’s funny that she didn’t entrust the process to her copywriting daughter. That made it all the better! 

How much does it cost to hire an obituary writer?

Writing an obituary can vary from $175 to $400.  A good writer will not send you a questionnaire to complete. Instead, they will engage with you to hear your voice and your thoughts and feelings about their loved one. Obituaries take time to write, so never feel rushed or accepting of something that does not reflect your thoughts and feelings. Keep in mind that newspaper publication costs can range from $175 to upwards of $400 based on the number of lines and if you supply a picture.

How to hire an obituary writer?

I hope I have explained a bit about obituaries and eulogies and answered the most common questions. I have experienced firsthand the death of a loved one and the difficulty of writing my husband’s obituary.  I promise you I will take the same time and care should you choose to hire me.  Schedule a free consultation– no one knows when you need a writer, but I will make time and deliver a beautiful obituary for your loved one.



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